A woman with black, long hair lies on her back in a blue tiled bath that is smaller than herself, and looks contentedly at the observer. She initially turns to one side, and then to the other, then back onto her back again, her gaze cast on the observer. Then she does a somersault, swims back to where she started and looks. Then the entire sequence of moves begins from the start again in an endless loop.

The video sculpture by Marck is called "Turkish Bath". The bathtub as a sphere of life in which it is warm and comfortable, and which offers a clearly bordered and defined freedom of movement.
Four moves and even a somersault are possible, but that already reaches the limits of liberty.
The woman in the Turkish bath will never stand and leave her sphere of life (the bath tub).

The content of Marck`s video sculptures always move on a screen that began life as a cathode ray monitor or a LCD. The screen cladding is dismantled, newly created or rebuilt. A central part of the process is that the cladding always corresponds to the content and thereby becomes a statement. In the "Woman Case"for instance the monitors have been reconstructed into a box in which a woman is locked.

Marck`s video sculptures demonstrate how a man sees and reflects on the female world and the patterns of the relationships between men and women. The man locks women up in a chest or lies them in baths in which the women make themselves at home in the hope that the casing or the sphere of life around them will at some point dissolve without their own actions.

There is nothing unplanned or coincidental in Marck`s video sculptures. He starts out with an idea of the sculptures content and then begins the construction. Therefore there is nothing playful about his use of technology, rather the electronics become a means to and end, i.e. the mediator of content.

This is the precisely the same process with the casing, the packaging of the content. In the 1990s Marck constructed video installations for clubs in Zurich. The content of these installations quickly became rigid and uninteresting for him, triggering his search for how to dissolve the boundaries between content and cladding. In the meantime he has torn down the boundaries between content and medium. The medium, the cladding of the sculpture, has itself become the content and the message.

Marck is represented first in Swizerland by the Lichtfeld gallery in Basle.
(see them here all gallery owners worldwide) .
Since 2007 his sculptures have been touring worldwide with the likes of the art fair Scope. The stations were New York, Miami, Istanbul, Seoul, Basle, London, Munchen , Wien, Bolognia, Brasilien,Berlin,Los Angelas, San Franzisco, Shanghai, Taipeh, Peking, Hongkong and the Ars Electronica in Linz (Austria). Marck`s sculptures can be seen in the Krupp Collection in the Boston Museum in the USA, in the Grande Finale Museum in France ( closed since 2018), in the Dosan artcenter in Korea or in the Artcenter Borusan in Istanbul,ZKM Karlsruhe.. And the video sculptures sit next to installations by Nam June Paik in the homes of various private collectors.


1964: Born in Zürich
1982-1986: Various exhibitions with pictures and mechanical moving objects; super-8, narrow-film installations.
1986-1996 :musician with various bands (PARK, Blu Dolphin, etc); projects (dance performance, sound-studio works, multimedia rock concerts, various projects subsidised by the city of Zurich).
1996-2001: various exhibitions and contract works with photography, video installations, mechanical objects.
1998: further training in New York with the video artist GMDthree.
2001: education as media designer and multimedia producer (SAE).
2001 onwards: Increasing number of exhibitions and video objects.


馬克實驗館 Marck’s Playground 馬克 Marck 2023 個展 TW Soloshow
2023 Galerie Blueriderart London GB
2023 Galerie AOA87 Berlin DE
2023 Bluerider art,Taipe,TW
2023 Galerie von Braunberens, Stuttgart DE Soloshow
2022 Bluerider art,Taipe,TW
2022 Galerie AOA;87 Bamberg DE Soloshow
2022 Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden DE
2022 millstART2022 Kärnten, AT
2022 Galerie LICHTFELD Basel CH
2022 Museum Rosenhang, Weilburg DE
2022 Galerie von Braunberens, Stuttgart, DE
2022 Ville des Arts Biennale 2022 Waldenburg BL, CH
2022 Bluerider art,Taipe,TW
2021 ANREN BIENNALE 3rd Chengdu, CN
2021 MARCK’s Rock Box 馬克的木箱搖滾 Shanghai, CN Soloshow
2021 Gallery Lichtfeld, Basel, CH Soloshow
2021Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden DE
2021 Museum IGHalle Rapperswiel, Schwitzerland
2021 Gallery Blueriderart Taipeh, TW
2021 Gallery Von Braunberens, Stuttgart, DE
2020 Gallery Hotel-Mond 2021 Berlin. DE Soloshow
2020 Lichtfeld gallery Basel CH
2020 Gallery Luis Maluf ,.São Paulo BR
2020 Kunsthaus Glarus, Güterschuppen GL CH
2020 Ville des Arts Biennale 2020 Waldenburg BL, CH
2019 Luis Maluf Gallery San Paulo,BR
2019 Blue Rider Art Taipei City, TW
2019 Umweltfotofestival »horizonte zingst« DE
2019 b a s e m e n t Wien AT
2019 Rarity Gallery Mykonos,Greece
2019 WhiteSpaceBlackBox, Neuchâtel, CH
2019 Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden DE
2019 Lichtfeld Gallery Basel CH
2019 Heitsch Galerie, München DE Soloshow
2018 Gilles Clement Gallery, Greenwich CT, USA Soloshow
2018 Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden DE
2018 ART Hong Kong Autum CN
2018 Laurent Marthaler, Montreux, CH
2017 Blue Rider Art Taipei City, TW
2017 Mirat projects Gallery Mardrid, Spain
2017 Laurent Marthaler, Montreux, CH
2016 Galerie _Z, Hard, AT
2016 Galerie Von Braunberens, Stuttgart, DE Soloshow
2016 Heitsch Galerie Munich, DE
2015 Gallerie Von Braunberens, Stuttgart, DE
2015 Annemarie Andersen Galerie Zurich CH
2015 Anna Zorina Gallery NYC USA
2015 Triennale der Skulptur -Bad Ragaz CH
2015 Barbarian gallery Zürich CH
2014 Lichtfeld gallery Basel New Year Exhibition CH
2014 Galerie von Braunbehrens, Munch DE
2014 Gemeinnützige Stiftung Peter Starke , Berlin, DE
2014 Woeske Gallery Berlin DE
2014 Galerie von Braunbehrens, Munch DE Soloshow
2013 Barbarian art Gallery, Zurich CH Soloshow
2013 Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt, Oestereich AT
2013 Woeske Gallery, Berlin DE Soloshow
2013 Galerie Rigassi, Bern CH
2013 "Seifenbaum & Wolkenbrot" Gersau CH
2013 Lichtfeld, Basel CH Soloshow
2013 Künstlerhaus Prisma , Bolzano I
2012 platform 79, Berlin DE
2012 Galerie von Braunbehrens, Munch DE
2012 Galerie Peithner-Lichtenfels Vienna AT
2012 De Backer Gallery - 8300 Knokke/ Belgium
2012 Barbarian art Gallery, Zurich CH Soloshow
2011 Galerie Peithner-Lichtenfels Vienna AT
2011 Kunsthalle Osnabrück DE
2011 Galerie UF6 projects, Berlin DE Soloshow
2011 Galerie von Braunbehrens, Munich DE
2010 MONDEJAR Gallery, Zurich CH Soloshow
2010 Michael Schultz, Berlin DE
2009 Galerie Peithner-Lichtenfels Vienna AT Soloshow
2005-2011 Lichtfeld Basel CH
2005 Haunch of Venison Zurich CH
2004-2011 Openart Graubünden CH
2003 ars electronica Linz AT
2003 Dialog Festival Winterthur CH
1997 Artvid97 New York USA


2024 L.A Art show USA
2024 London Artfair GB
2023 Art Miami USA
2023 Art Taipei 台北國藝術博覽會 TW
2023 Art Karlsruhe DE
2023 LA artshow USA
2023 DnA SHENZHEN 深圳設計與藝術博覽會 CN
2023 Art Palm Beach USA
2023 JINGART 藝覽北京 CN
2022 POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair DE
2022 West Bund Art & Design 西岸藝術與設計博覽會 CN
2022 ART Karlsruhe DE
2022 ART021 上海廿一當代藝術博覽會 CN
2022 ART TAICHUNG 台中藝術博覽會 TW
2022 ART Hamptons USA
2022 Art Taipei 台北國藝術博覽會 TW
2022 SP- ARTE Brasil
2022 Art Market, San Francisco , USA
2022 L.A. artshow , USA
2022 Seattle Art Fair, USA
2021 West Bund Art & Design 西岸藝術與設計博覽會 CN
2021 Art Miami USA
2021 Art021 Shanghai CN
2021 Westbund Shanghai CN
2021 ANREN BIENNALE 第三屆安仁雙年展 CN
2021 DnA SHENZHEN ShenZhen 深圳設計與藝術博覽會 CN
2021 SP-Arte sao paulo brasil
2021 Art Taipei 台北國藝術博覽會 TW
2021 LausanneART FAIR
2021 UNSEEN Amsterdam NL
2021 ARTRIO Rio de Janeiro Brasil
2021 POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair DE
2020 Art Amoy 藝術廈門 TW
2020 Kunst20 Zurich Schweiz CH
2020 ART TAIPEI 台北國際藝術博覽會 TW
2020 Beijing Contemporary Art Expo 北京當代藝術展 CN
2020 Art Taipei 台北國藝術博覽會 Art Fair TW
2020 Art Expo Beijing CN
2019 Art Miami , Florida, USA
2019 Kunst19 Zurich Schweiz CH
2019 Amsterdam International Artfair, NL
2019 Art Amoy, Xiamen, CN
2019 Art NYC USA
2018 Art Miami , Florida, USA
2018 Kunst18 Zurich CH
2018 Art Taipei Taiwan
2018 Art NYC USA
2018 ART Hongkong Spring CN
2017 Scope Artfair, Miami USA
2017 Art Miami, Florida, USA
2017 Art Taipei TW
2017 Art Shanghai CN
2017 Kunst17 Zurich CH
2017 Contemporaryistanbul | TUR
2017 Art Taichung TW
2017 SCOPE artfair Basel CH
2017 Art New York Fair USA
2017 ART Central Hong Kong CN
2017 Borusan Contemporary Istanbul TUR
2017 Roterdam Contemporary NL
2016 Art Miami, Florida, USA
2016 Contemporary Istanbul TUR
2016 Art Taipei TW
2016 Art Palm Beach USA
2016 Art Toronto CA
2016 Kunst 16 Zürich CH
2016 SCOPE artfair Basel CH
2016 Art New York Fair USA
2016Art Wynwood Miami USA
2015 Kunst15 Zurich CH
2015 Contemporary Istanbul TUR
2015 CONTEXT Art Miami USA
2015Art Miami USA
2015 ART Toronto CA
2015 Le Centquatre, Paris, FR
2015 SCOPE Basel CH
2015 ART Hamptons USA
2015 Art Jakarta Indonesien
2015 Art Monaco
2015 Art Miami NYC
2015 Wynwood art fair , Miami USA
2014 Context Art Miami , Miami USA
2014 Art Miami, Miami USA
2014 Kunst14 Zurich CH
2014 Art Silicon Valley/San Francisco USA
2014 Artfair Istanbul Turkey
2014 Scope artfair Basel
2014 Downtownfair NYC, USA
2014 Art Monaco, Monaco
2013 Artfair Miami, USA
2013 Kunst13 Zurich CH
2013 Artfair Köln DE
2013 Scope artfair Basel CH
2213 Art Monaco ,Monaco
2013 Art Stage Singapore
2013 ArtWynwood Contemporary, USA
2012 Art MIAMI, USA
2012 artfair istanbul, TR
2012 Kunst 12, Zürich CH
2012 FOTOFEVER Brussel
2012 Scope artfair Basel CH
2012 Scope artfair NYC USA
2012 Art Wynwood, Miami USA
2012 ArtPalmBeach, Florida USA
2011 Scope artfair, Miami USA
2011 Art Miami artfair, Miami USA
2011 Lineart Gent, Belgien
2011 Kunst 11 Zürich, CH
2011 Art fair Köln DE
2011 ART MOSCOW Artfair RU
2011 the-solo-project Basel CH
2011 Scope artfair Basel CH
2011 Artfair Chicago USA
2011 Artfair Paris FR
2011 Scope artfair NYC USA
2010 Scope artfair , Miami USA
2010 Artfair Miami , Miami USA
2010 Lineart artfair, BE
2010 PAN amsterdam artfair NL
2010 Zürich 10 artfair CH
2010 ARTFAIR 21, Köln ,DE
2010 SLICKContemporary Art Fair Paris FR
2010 Munch Contempo International DE
2010 KIAF 10 Seoul, Korea
2010 Hotfair Basel CH
2010 SCOPE Artfair Basel CH
2010 Amsterdam Artfair 2010 NL
2010 Vienna Artfair 2010 AT
2010 SCOPE Artfair New York
2010 Bologna Arte Fiera, I
2010 London artfair, GB
2009 SCOPE Artfair Miami USA
2009 SCOPE Artfair Basel
2009 SCOPE Artfair New York USA
2009 aaf Artfair London GB
2008 SCOPE Artfair Miami USA
2008 Contemporary art Istanbul TR
2008 SCOPE Hamptons USA
2008 SCOPE Artfair New York USA
2007 SCOPE Artfair Miami USA


ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medien, Karlsruhe
Krupp / USA
Grande Finale Museum / France (closed since 2018)
Dosan Artcenter / Korea
Artcenter Istanbul / Turkey
various private collectors.


Premio Culturale Iinternazionale Cartagine 2019 Sezione: Arte e Cultura